Craig ‘n’ Dave revision webinars for students

We give away over 300 YouTube videos completely free.  However, students email us frequently asking for further explanations related to theory and exam questions.  To respond to that we are offering students our most premium service: online revision webinars at £10 (inc. VAT) each.  These are interactive sessions where students can watch us explain answers to typical examination questions, and ask questions of their own.  Compare this to A’level Computer Science private tuition which is between £30-£40 per hour. We do appreciate these webinars are not one-on-one, but our webinars represent great value in comparison, with very similar outcomes.

Each session will take a number of typical exam questions from across the specification and go through the answers in a “walking-talking mock” experience, where students can ask their own questions and seek further clarification throughout the session.  We use a professional webinar solution: Crowdcast.

Student registration

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Bulk purchase discounts for schools

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Here is a lovely email we received from a student whom we have never met.  It is because of Olivia’s success that we are motivated to offer even better revision experiences to students.

“When I approached Craig and Dave, I was a couple of months away from my Computer Science AS exams ill-prepared, stressed and concerned. Due to circumstances within my school, I was the only computer science student left in my year and was facing the daunting prospect of teaching myself the course. Unfortunately, due to the unpopularity of computer science within my school, the subject was under-appreciated and was funded and supported accordingly. As nobody in my family had any technical background and I wasn’t receiving the support I needed from my school, teaching myself a new specification seemed like an impossible task.

Having access to the premium resources offered by the site opened up the possibility that I could achieve my goal. The resources were so excellently made and well thought out, clearly demonstrating expertise in the subject and a real understanding in what OCR are looking for which often is something I struggle with. I adapted the calendar provided to cater for the ten weeks I had before my exams and despite the lack of time, the plan provided made the learning process stress-free and I approached my exams feeling incredibly well prepared. I found that the resources catered for any type of learner. The ‘Student Learning Records’ appealed to the visual learner in me by allowing me to create bold and efficient summaries of each topic, analysing what I needed to work on and what I had already perfected which was essential given my timeframe to be as efficient as possible. The exemplar work provided showed me what I needed to aim for, as I didn’t have a teacher able to give me feedback, and was incredibly important in allowing me to perfect my knowledge. As I was in the first cohort taking the new specification, there were such limited questions provided by OCR that those in the resources, complete with answers, were a blessing and made me feel confident for my exams. The videos were so clear in explaining difficult concepts that it felt as if I had two qualified and highly experienced teachers beside me throughout my whole journey.

It was clear that Craig and Dave have a real thorough understanding of what OCR were looking for. Often I’ve found that despite knowing the knowledge, missing out just a word in an exam can cost you marks unnecessarily. I spent time learning all of the definitions provided and analysed the sheets that showed how things would be displayed in the exam. I walked in my exams feeling confident, prepared and optimistic.

I achieved an A in my Computer Science AS and I can only thank Craig and Dave for that. However, the resources didn’t just help me pass an exam. Up until using these resources, I considered computer science to be my ‘fourth A Level’, the subject I took just to compliment my others. The resources were so engaging that they changed my career plans completely and I will be taking a computer science degree at Harvard University and I am looking forward to my future career in the tech industry. The topic on ethics was of particular interest to me and inspired me to complete an EPQ on the privacy issues regarding government surveillance. Not only are these resources amazing at getting the grades and giving students the confidence to do their best in the exams, they have the power to inspire students and make them fall in love with the subject. If I, a student with little support and a limited background in computer science, can use these resources in a matter of months and achieve an A, changing my entire career plan in the process, imagine what you could achieve.”

Olivia Bryant