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Included in the Premium Resources

with a Craig’n’Dave membership

With a premium subscription you will receive both one and two-week models for delivering the course. We assume you will be delivering the GCSE across two years, but as these are supplied in Excel format you can easily change them to match your school year and structure.


We understand that every school is different. You will have many events that will disrupt your school year from inset days to mock exams. It will be easy to adapt the model we use in our own schools to yours.


Each topic is introduced logically, and we pay careful attention to building knowledge over time. We try to follow the specification in order as much as we can to make it easy to follow. We also try to avoid topics spanning over holidays. We pad with some empty lessons that you can use to catch up and to handle those school events that change your plans.

We have identified lessons that are just programming, but we anticipate you having time in many more lessons to continue this programming work because the theory activities should only take 20 minutes or so. We know programming little and often throughout the whole course works best.

Each topic ends with a test and “action” lessons are an opportunity for students to reflect on their work and make improvements. You may want to move these lessons until after you have marked their work.

The identified lessons on the calendar match with our individual lesson plans.


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