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If you don't plan to use our Defold resources for Computer Science programming projects at A level, they are ideal for an extra-curricular club at Key Stage 4 or even BTEC courses.


Defold is an IDE for the Lua programming language and is ideal for games development. Used by professional and indie studios, it's a proven tool for developing games of all genres. Defold is built and used by "King", the studio famous for Candy Crush Saga. A game that earned the studio over $3.9 billion, being one of the most popular games of all time. Defold is used by more than 40,000 developers worldwide and is a great steppingstone to other industry standard game development tools including Unreal and Unity.


To develop games in Defold, all you need is the IDE. You can download it free from https://defold.com/download

It is a simple installation and no trouble for a school. We have included a help sheet on potential installation issues on a locked down network! Then use our tutorials to get started.


The Defold IDE gives you a solid framework for games development but leaves you plenty of room to create your own algorithms too. With Defold you are able to create a highly polished game using industry standard techniques. It's real coding, not drag and drop or menu-driven programming, but many of the more complex aspects of games development such as collision detection, physics, cameras and particle effects are made easy.


We have produced step-by-step tutorials for making games with Defold and Lua. Each tutorial starts from a blank canvas, provides the graphics, sounds and code you need. Detailed explanations tell you how the code works. At the end of each tutorial there are extension activities where you can extend the games yourself independently using the skills you learned in the tutorial.


You don't need to be experienced in Defold or Lua at all yourself. We have done the heavy lifting and your students will learn for themselves. Just provide them with the resources and let them go! If their code doesn't work, they will have made a mistake somewhere in following the tutorial. Just back-track with them methodically. We know the tutorials work and are error-free because our own students have made working games with no help from us!

You will be amazed at how much they enjoy these activities and what they can produce with a bit of enthusiasm and determination.


Not only do we provide full in-depth tutorials, but we have a growing library of help sheets and assets that students can use in their own projects. Defold is so well supported in the community you are never far away from additional help and inspiration either.

All included in your subscription!

Also included in a Premium Subscription
Course delivery calendar (1-week and 2-week models) - GCSE & A Level
196 page PDF book "Essential Algorithms for Computer Science" - GCSE & A Level
End of topic tests (with answers) - GCSE & A Level
Long-term and lesson by lesson scheme of learning - GCSE & A Level
Programming with Python T.I.M.E. - GCSE & A Level
118+ programming tasks
10 student workbooks with answers
Full solutions to all challenges
Programming with C# T.I.M.E. - GCSE & A Level
118+ programming tasks
10 student workbooks with answers
Full solutions to all challenges
Programming progress tracker - GCSE & A Level
Defold Programming Workshops - GCSE & A Level
(Ideal for advanced programming and those moving onto A’Level)
A set of scalable vector based logic gate symbols - GCSE & A Level
Reflection and revision checklists for every topic - GCSE & A Level
Key definitions / terminology guide - GCSE & A Level
Those little extras pack - GCSE & A Level
(Includes Year 7 internet safety, GCSE taster lesson, GCSE options presentation, GCSE transition workbook, A Level task lesson, A Level options presentation, A level induction lesson, A Level transition workbook, Careers day presentation, Exam techniques, UCAS preparation, Whiteboard tools)
Lesson structure PowerPoints for every topic - GCSE ONLY
Lesson theory PowerPoints for every specification point - GCSE ONLY
Student workbooks (1 for each topic) - GCSE ONLY
Student workbook model answers (ideal as revision guides) - GCSE ONLY
Additional Activities and Worksheets - GCSE ONLY
Dedicated unit to help student to get to grips with answering programming exam questions - GCSE ONLY
Text based adventure game, an extended computer programming workshop spread across 8 stages - GCSE ONLY
Extra curricular games development tutorials using Defold - GCSE ONLY
Structured Learning Records (1 for each topic) - A'LEVEL ONLY
Teacher Marking Checklists (1 for each topic) - A'LEVEL ONLY
Activities and Workshops (multiple for each topic) - A'LEVEL ONLY
Computational Thinking exercises - A'LEVEL ONLY
Computational Thinking cheat sheet - A'LEVEL ONLY
Boolean Algebra cheat sheet - A'LEVEL ONLY
Big O notation cheat sheet - A'LEVEL ONLY
63 page PDF book "Documenting Defold programming projects OCR H446" - A'LEVEL ONLY
58 page PDF book "Documenting programming projects OCR H446" - A'LEVEL ONLY

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