Craig 'n' Dave


For A level instead of workbooks we provide hundreds of micro-activities that teachers can use in a variety of ways: starters, independent learning, paired or teacher led work. A micro-activity will typically take students between 5-10 minutes to complete, so many are combined to create a single lesson. Teachers should be selective about which micro-activities they want students to undertake as there may not be time to do them all and they approach the topic from different angles.

Micro-activities are provided in editable PowerPoint format allowing teachers to customise an activity and present them on the board. Students use text, drawing tools and images to complete the activity. Some of the activities are also require unplugged group work.

Solutions provided

Having completed a micro-activity the teacher should review the activity with students using the model answers provided.

Once complete, we call a finished micro-activity an "asset". Students use these assets to produce a structured learning record (SLR) to answer a key question from the topic and provide evidence of learning. We recommend that teachers don't mark the micro-activities, but mark the completed SLR instead.