Essential Algorithms for

A Level Computer Science

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  2. Essential Algorithms for A Level Computer Science

I’ve just received my copy and can’t rate it highly enough.

Review from Ian Bain on Amazon

Intended for A level, our popular book contains all the algorithms also required for GCSE. It is ideal to dip in and out of and provides great background reading for more able students wanting to study the subject at a higher level.

A PDF copy you can give to your students is included with a premium subscription.

Each chapter covers one algorithm or data structure and includes:

  • A description of the algorithm in plain English.
  • Typical uses for the algorithm.
  • Pseudocode.
  • Step-by-step illustrations of common operations.
  • Fully working code in both Python and Visual Basic.
  • The space and time complexity explanations (Big O).


  • Arrays
  • Dictionaries
  • Graphs
  • Hash tables
  • Lists & Linked lists
  • Queues
  • Stacks
  • Trees & Binary trees
  • Bubble sort
  • Insertion sort
  • Merge sort
  • Quick sort
  • Linear search
  • Binary search
  • Dijkstra’s shortest path
  • A*

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Also available in paperback from Amazon.

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Included in your Premium Subscription
196 page Essential Algorithms for Computer Science PDF
14 x Student workbooks (1 for each topic)
14 x Student workbook model answers (ideal as revision guides)
14 x End of topic tests (with answers)
Delivery plans / calendars
Lesson structure PowerPoint’s for every topics
Pseudo-code cheat sheet
Visual Basic Programming Guide
Python Programming Guide
Student Programming Progress Check list
Defold Programming Workshops
(ideal for advanced programming and those moving onto A’Level)
Computational Thinking cheat sheet
Computational Thinking exercises
A set of scalable vector based logic gate symbols
Key definitions database

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