Craig 'n' Dave

License agreement

This is a legal agreement between you, the end user, and CraignDave Ltd. The contents of our website and all downloaded files, including, but not exclusive to worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and teaching guides are protected by copyright, and are licensed, not sold, to you by Craig’n’Dave Ltd for use under the terms below.

1. Files downloaded from our website may be distributed and shared between teachers (note points 8-9 below regarding trainee teachers) and students at a subscribing school or college. This includes uploading them to a shared intranet, file space or VLE providing it is password protected and not open to the public.

2. Teachers and students are not permitted to distribute the resources to any other teacher or student not employed by, or on roll at their school. You are not permitted to share in any way our files with any third party.

3. Each school or college within a multi-academy trust must have their own subscription. A single subscription does not permit you to share downloaded files with other schools within the same academy trust. A single subscription is for a single school or college.

4. Files downloaded from our website may be adapted to suit your local context, but adapted files are subject to term 2 above and cannot be resold or distributed as original works.

5. Files downloaded from our website may only be used for classroom or 1:1 teaching. They may not be used for virtual classroom: self-paced online courses, webinars or online live classes where the student does not attend the subscribing school in person.

6. Subscriptions are for 12 months from the date they are enabled by Craig’n’Dave Ltd. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, but no refunds will be given. Subscriptions do not renew automatically. Files downloaded before a subscription ends may continue to be used by teachers and students at the school or college that purchased a subscription.

7. Once an order has been placed by submitting the subscription form, you agree to pay the invoice sent from Craig’n’Dave Ltd. Our premium subscription is not an inspection copy.

Specific notes about Trainee teachers / Cover teachers/supervisors / Temporary staff:

8. Trainee teachers / Cover teachers/supervisors / Temporary staff must be made aware that they do not own the resources, they are only licenced to the school in which they are currently placed. They may use them in their own personal lessons, but are restricted by copyright to not sharing these, in any format / medium with other colleagues / institutions which are not licenced.

9. Trainee teachers / Cover teachers/supervisors / Temporary staff take responsibility for removing the resources from the institution when they no longer work there. This includes all licenced copies of the work in physical format and digital, including, but not limited to copies held on computers, remote servers and all other storage media.

Specific notes about Private members:

10. Resources licenced to private members are for personal home use for the named individual only.

11. No version of the resources, either in physical or electronic form may be shared with anyone else or provided/supplied to any individual/institution which does not have a licence from us.