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With a premium subscription you will receive a number of model delivery plans:

  • 1 week calendar – AS in year 12 to full A level in year 13.
  • 1 week calendar for linear A level across years 12 and 13.
  • 2 week calendar – AS in year 12 to full A level in year 13.
  • 2 week calendar for linear A level across years 12 and 13.


We understand that every school is different. You will have many events that will disrupt your school year from inset days to mock exams. Supplied in Excel format, the plans will be easy to adapt to your school structure and number of lessons.


Each topic is introduced logically, and we pay careful attention to building knowledge over time. That means while we try to follow the order of the specification but that is not always appropriate. We also try to avoid topics spanning over holidays.

We have identified lessons that are just programming, but we anticipate you having time in many more lessons to continue this programming work too. Our theory activities can span whole lessons, but we’d advise limiting them to about half and hour so that you have time for some programming in most lessons. We know programming little and often throughout the whole course works best. Students can complete their structured learning record in study periods.


Many of the concepts in Computer Sceince can be underpinned with programming. Therefore we give students a head-start with this at the beginning of the course so we can call on these skills later. For example when learning about stacks and queues it would make a great practical lesson to code these structures uning functions for pushing and popping. Students can’t do this if they are not already confident with programming. Many of your students will have studied GCSE but there may also be a possibility that some haven’t.


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