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The flipped classroom has been on my list for a very long time but I completely lacked the resources to do it. You guys have quite literally revolutionised my teaching.

These free resources provide everything you need to cover the following topics:

  • Systems architecture
  • Memory and storage
  • Computer networks, connections and protocols

The downloaded folders contain the following files:

Lesson over PowerPoints

One for each lesson to be displayed at the front of the classroom to provide structure to the lesson.

End of topic test

Written using exam style questions. All tests are out of 20 so easy comparisons can be made between different topics. Full answers provided.

Student workbook

This is the main file students complete as they progress through a topic. Includes an opportunity for assessment and feedback. Includes a RAG rating self-assessment page.

Student workbook (answers)

Grade 9 model answer version of the blank student workbooks are provided as part of the premium paid resources only.

It also contains a blank copy of our “GCSE Key Terminology” document.

Students can use this to build up a glossary of the key terms throughout the course.

It is not essential, but will provide them with a useful revision tool.

Definitions are included in the premium resources.

With Craig ‘n’ Dave resources, you do not need to teach the content of the course from the front of the class.

Instead, you set students a video to watch ahead of the lesson from our student page:

Advise them to pause the video when they see the notes icon and record the key theory in an exercise book that they then bring to the lesson to help them complete the activities.

The entire specifications is covered point by point in these videos.

If you wish to delivery our theory videos in a more traditional approach however we also provide them as PowerPoints files.

Don’t forget a premium subscription comes with full access to ALL UNITS / TOPICS as well as all our additional resources, these include:

  • Programming resources (Python, C#, T.I.M.E., Defold games development)
  • Delivery guides / calendars
  • Key terminology databases
  • Student revision checklists
  • “Those little extras” pack
  • PDF copy of our “Essential algorithms and data structures” book from Amazon
  • Exam revision unit
  • Pseudocode cheat sheets
  • Text-based adventure game (Telium)

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All purchases come with a lifetime sitewide licences for a single institution.