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Defold: 2D game Tutorials (v1.2)

This zip file is a self-contained set of resources for students and teachers presented as a mini-website. Download the zip file and extract all the files. You can give this to your students in a shared folder on your network, or on memory sticks. Alternatively feel free to upload it to your own intranet/extranet. All we ask is that you don’t put it on a public facing website.

PLEASE NOTE: These tutorials replace our legacy Monkey-X tutorials which you may have used in the past.  Monkey-X is no longer officially supported.  Defold is an IDE for the Lua programming language and is ideal for games development. Used by professional and indie studios, it’s a proven tool for developing games of all genres. Defold is built and used by “King”, the studio famous for Candy Crush Saga. A game that earned the studio over $3.9 billion, being the most popular game of all time. Defold is used by more than 40,000 developers worldwide and is a great stepping stone to other industry standard game development tools including Unreal and Unity.

This download contains version 1.2 of our Defold resources.

The mini-website contains the following tutorials:

  1. Pong – the classic game of bat and ball for two players.
  2. Incoming – a very simple introduction to tower defence.
  3. Landers – a space invaders clone.
  4. Spotter – a spot the difference game showing you how to build a simple menu and user interface.
  5. Worms – a snakes clone for two to four players introducing tile sets.
    Commando – a scrolling shooter showing you how to use cameras.

The mini-website also includes:

  • Information about the Defold engine
  • Additional help pages
  • Assets pages for use in your games
  • Direct link to

The “bare-bones” developments are not intended to be complete games.  They are enough to learn the basics of how to write a program in Defold.  Ideal for a transition from Visual Basic or Python.

We plan to challenge our students to give these developments a try in the last half of the summer term.  There is plenty of challenge in each tutorial or less scaffolding in the later stages.

Please respect our copyright by not distributing to other schools.  There are hundreds of hours invested in these resources: researching appropriate languages for games development for A’level, learning Defold from scratch, quality assurance testing the walk-throughs on adults and children. Plus all the planned developments for the additions to the resource.

“Be aware of malpractice” – A note from OCR/AQA & Craig’n’Dave

These programs are not suitable for submission. As many candidates will have learned Defold using these programs, and they are not your own work, they should not be submitted for your final project. You need to take what you have learned, and apply the skills to your own game.  Exam boards are fully aware that these resources are used by schools. If you do use any of these sample programs in your own work, you must reference as the source. You will not receive credit for code you have not written yourself. It should be evident from your development story that you have developed your project yourself, and can explain each stage.

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