First teaching Sept 2020

6. Free Trial – OCR J277 GCSE Computer Science

This download contains all our teaching materials for the following three topics:

  • 1.1 System Architecture
  • 1.2 Memory
  • 1.3 Storage

This will allow you you to assess the quality, and whether they are right for your classroom before committing. The full resources can be downloaded by upgrading HERE.

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If you do decide to upgrade you will get all of the following resources:

  • 12 x Student workbooks
  • 12 x Student workbook model answers (ideal as revision guides and knowledge organisers)
  • 15 x End of topic tests (with answers)
  • Delivery plans / calendars
  • Lesson structure PowerPoint’s for every topics
  • OCR Exam Reference Language cheat sheet
  • Visual Basic Programming Guide
  • Python Programming Guide
  • Student Programming Progress Check list
  • Text-based adventure game walk-through (Telium)
  • Paper 2 exam revision unit
  • Computational Thinking cheat sheet
  • Computational Thinking exercises
  • A set of scalable vector based logic gate symbols
  • Key definitions database