4. Free Trial – AQA A’Level Computer Science

This download contains all our teaching materials for the following three topics:

  • Topic 1: Programming basics
  • Topic 2: Programming next steps
  • Topic 3: Programming paradigms

This will allow you you to assess the quality, and whether they are right for your classroom before committing. The full resources can be downloaded by upgrading HERE.



If you do decide to upgrade you will get all of the following resources:

  • 27 x Student Learning Records (1 for each topic)
  • 27 x Teacher Marking Checklists (1 for each topic)
  • 27 x Sample exam questions and answers (1 for each topic)
  • Complete set of Student Activities and Workshops with answers for every topic
  • Computational Thinking Exercises
  • Suggested Delivery Guides
  • 362 Key Definitions and Terms
  • Boolean Algebra cheat sheet
  • Big O Notation cheat sheet
  • Pseudo-code cheat sheet
  • Visual Basic Programming Guide
  • Python Programming Guide
  • Student Programming Progress Check list
  • Monkey-X Programming Workshops (Idea for Unit 3)
  • Computational Thinking cheat sheet
  • Computational Thinking exercises
  • A set of scalable vector based logic gate symbols