5. Free Trial – Programming Resources

This free sample is designed to give you a feel for what our full programming resources are like.

It contains:

  • Three sections from the full Visual Basic Programming Companion:
    o Objective 4: Understand how to use selection
    o Objective 6: Understand counter controlled iterations
    o Objective 7: Understand condition controlled iterations
  • Three sets of learning tasks from our full Python Programming Companions:
    o Objective 1: Learn to output text and strings
    o Objective 2: Learn to input strings and numbers into variables
    o Objective 3: Learn string manipulation functions
  • Solutions in Python to all the challenges presented in objectives 1-3.
  • The full version contains all 11 objectives and over 80 challenges. It is also packed full of additional challenges to stretch the most able as well as a 180+ interactive electronic book which covers the theory of programming!