UPDATED 24/02/2021

Python T.I.M.E.

These are the programming resources you have been waiting for. At last, all the recognised and proven pedagogies for teaching programming in one comprehensive set of resources.

PRIMM, Rosenshine, block comprehension, Parsons, functions first, cognitive load reduction, stepped challenges, and design by doing. Welcome to the Craig’n’Dave T.I.M.E. approach to teaching and learning programming for GCSE and A level.

This download contains everything you need in one file, including:

  • 10 self guided workbooks for students
  • Over 118 programs to Try, Investigate, Make and Evaluate (T.I.M.E.)
  • Model solutions to all problems
  • Programming progress tracker
  • About Craig ‘n’ Dave TIME programming approach PDF

PLEASE READ: Make sure to check out our short PEDAGOGY page to get the most out of these resources.

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