AQA GCSE (8525) SLR 04 – Cyber security

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This topic covers:

3.6.1 Fundamentals of cyber security

  • Be able to define the term cyber security and be able to describe the main purposes of cyber security.

3.6.2 Cyber security threats

  • Understand and be able to explain the following cyber security threats:
    social engineering techniques
    malicious code (malware)
    weak and default passwords
    misconfigured access rights
    removable media
    unpatched and/or outdated software
  • Explain what penetration testing is and what it is used for. Social engineering

  • Define the term social engineering.
  • Describe what social engineering is and how it can be protected against.
  • Explain the following forms of social engineering:
    blagging (pretexting)
    shouldering (or shoulder surfing) Malicious code (malware)

  • Define the term malware.
  • Describe what malware is and how it can be protected against.
  • Describe the following forms of malware:
    computer virus

3.6.3 Methods to detect and prevent cyber security threats

  • Understand and be able to explain the following security measures:
    biometric measures (particularly for mobile devices)
    password systems
    CAPTCHA (or similar)
    using email confirmations to confirm a user’s identity
    automatic software updates

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