Craig ‘n’ Dave Roadmap / What’s Next?

Every week our resources are being either added to or updated as a result of:

  • Our experience using them in the classroom
  • Reviewing past papers and mark schemes
  • Discussions with the course advisers
  • CPD events
  • Feedback from students
  • Feedback from our colleagues in school
  • Feedback from our subscribers
  • Having inspirational new ideas!

However, it can be frustrating for a subscriber not knowing what we are working on, what we have planned, and what our deadlines are.  To help you, we have a roadmap where you can keep tabs on what we’re up to!  Click the link on this page to have a look.

Each of our downloadable resources also has a label telling you when that resource was last updated, so you can be sure you are teaching with the latest version.  It is always worth downloading our units during the summer each year if you don’t keep a regular check on us.