Craig ‘n’ Dave Roadmap / What’s Next?

Access to our premium resources for 1 year costs you just £149, and that’s for everything! Of course after your year is up…

…we want you to stay with us!

To this end:

  • Existing resources are constantly being adapted and maintained based on real experience in the classroom, from past papers, discussions with the course advisors and our students. Good teachers continually reflect, and lesson plans never sit still. Continually adapting resources makes them really fit for purpose.
  • We are constantly adding loads of new resources all the time.  Don’t see what you need? We really do want to hear from you, if the community wants something we will make it!

So you can feel involved and always know what’s coming up, what’s new and what we are thinking of working on next check out our “Craig ‘n’ Dave – Roadmap” Trello board below.

View the Craig ‘n’ Dave – Roadmap