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Your resources are everything a teacher needs.

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As teachers we commonly get asked throughout the course of an academic year to prepare additional materials beyond the ones used for teaching and learning. This pack is designed to provide you with a full set of resources which can be used to cover a wide variety of these situations.

We appreciate every school is different, and context is important, so these resources (as with all our others) are provided in a fully editable format for you to alter as you wish.

The pack includes:

  1. Year 7 internet safety and acceptable use for parents presentation.
  2. GCSE Computer Science taster lesson for KS3 (encryption).
  3. GCSE Computer science options presentation.
  4. Transition to GCSE computer science workbook.
  5. A Level computer science taster lesson (run length encoding).
  6. A Level computer science options presentation.
  7. A Level computer science induction lesson (error detection).
  8. Transition to A Level computer science workbook.
  9. Careers day lesson.
  10. Examination techniques.
  11. Introduction to flipped learning.
  12. University interview questions.
  13. A collection of useful slides for the whiteboard.
  14. Reading lists: reading for pleasure, text books & pedagogy.

You may even share the transition workbooks on your school website for students not currently at your school to use.

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