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Would you like to try a sample of our resources before committing to a subscription?  These downloads are just a small part of what our subscribers have access to.  Whilst they don’t do justice to the full range of classroom activities we have to offer, they will allow you to assess the quality, and whether our resources are right for your classroom before purchasing a subscription.

Please be aware that whilst you can use our resources however you like, they work best with our free videos used in a flipped classroom approach to deliver contemporary and outstanding lessons.

Our subscription is £149 + VAT per annum.  You can cancel this at any time and still keep the resources, but even if you subscribed for the lifetime of a specification to guarantee access to all our new material, it would still be a significant saving over other resource providers that charge a one-off fee per unit.  The best value for money and a modern style of teaching is with Craig’n’Dave.  No boring theory PowerPoints delivered from the front of the class with us.  Just engaging activities students can self-start if they watch our free videos for homework.


What's Included in premium?
A Level: Complete set of Student Learning Records
A Level: Teacher Marking Checklists
A Level: Sample exam questions and answers
A Level: Student Activities and Workshops
A Level: Computational Thinking Exercises
A Level: Suggested Delivery Guides
A Level: Key Definitions and Terms
A Level: Project Advice Booklet (28-pages)
A Level: Project Advice website
A Level: Boolean Algebra cheat sheet
A Level: Big O Notation cheat sheet
GCSE: Lesson structures including starter activities
GCSE: Student workbooks (1 for each topic)
GCSE: Student workbook model answers (ideal as revision guides)
GCSE: End of topic tests (with answers)
GCSE: Unit 3 NEA resource bank
GCSE & A'LEVEL: Pseudo-code cheat sheet
GCSE & A'LEVEL: Visual Basic Programming Guide
GCSE & A'LEVEL: Python Programming Guide
GCSE & A'LEVEL: Student Programming Progress Check list
GCSE & A'LEVEL: Monkey-X Programming Workshops (Ideal for A Level Programming Project)
Computational Thinking cheat sheet
A set of scalable vector based logic gate symbols
Exam Support Guide
...and of course all our free flipped classroom videos for every spec point (OCR & AQA)
All this for only £149.00 + VAT per year
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