Our Mission

Creating the very best resources, evidenced by their success in our own classroom.

Our Values


We want every lesson to be an outstanding lesson using contemporary pedagogy and high-performance learning.


We want every teacher, no matter what their experience, to feel they have the confidence to deliver the best learning experience.


We want every student to have the opportunity to achieve their potential and enjoy learning.

We do this by…

Being exceptional value for money

Our annual membership is £179 + VAT which gives you access to both GCSE and A’level premium resources plus lots of additional material.

You can keep the resources you have downloaded even if you choose not to renew your membership, but even if you subscribed every year for the lifetime of a specification, it would still be a significant saving over other publishers that charge a one-off fee per unit.

Everything you need to teach GCSE and A level successfully. Teachers tell us it is unbelievable value for money.

Adopting a contemporary approach

With our approach “chalk and talk” PowerPoint presentations are a thing of the past! Instead you want a diverse range of self-starting activities that mean you don’t need to be delivering content from the front of the class. Used with our free flipped classroom videos you can deliver contemporary, outstanding lessons.

Teaching with our own resources

Craig and Dave are real teachers in real classrooms with real students! We teach with our resources, and only our resources in secondary schools. If it’s good enough for your students, it must be good enough for ours!

Continually adapting

Our resources are adapted and maintained based on real experience in the classroom, past papers, discussions with the course advisors and our students. Good teachers continually reflect and adapt resources making them really fit for purpose. That is what we do for you. We have thought deeply about the pedagogy underpinning our approach. Whilst you can use our resources any way you see fit, they have been carefully planned to ensure they meet contemporary expectations of teaching. Read more in the “about our pedagogy” section of our website.

We are active members of CAS, leading the Cheltenham & Gloucester community. We reflect on ideas in “Hello World” magazine and incorporate new ideas into our resources.

Building flexible courses

We build coherent but flexible courses. You can use as few or as many of our resources as you like. They plug and play together, building into real lessons. Either just AS, just A level, or GCSE to A’level. We think about the big picture of the student learning journey. We don’t provide simple banks of crosswords, wordsearches etc. where you still have to create a meaningful lesson. We also don’t provide a single online learning platform. We supply activities that support, but don’t replace the teacher with a proven track record of student results and success. With Craig’n’Dave, you aren’t just buying resources, you can also buy into a modern way of teaching, and a community of professional development.

Focussing on exam success

Some providers suggest activities that whilst being fun and inspirational, take you too far away from what is actually important for getting through an exam. Exploring and reading beyond the specification is enriching, but should not be at the expense of too much curriculum time. Students will have a great time, but they will potentially underachieve. We strongly believe in having a sharp focus on what students will actually be examined on. Use extra-curricular opportunities for the enrichment.

Reducing the planning for you

Our resources are suitable for everyday use with very little preparation, but they are also extremely effective. There are other resource providers who suggest setting up Linux, getting Raspberry Pi’s out, finding physical examples of different CPUs etc. These are all great, inspirational ways of teaching: if you had the time!! We want to create resources that can be used when time is short. That’s not to say we won’t sometimes have inspirational ideas: take our GCSE 1.6 system security board game or rock, paper scissors explanation of implications of multi-cores, but activities must be achievable for the teacher who hasn’t got a wealth of industry experience. How many times do you read someone else’s lesson plans and think, “if I had the time to learn about that…?”

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