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Include Paul Long's resources with a Craig'n'Dave membership

Paul Long partnership

You can purchase one single package that includes a 12-month membership to Craig’n’Dave and paullong.net. Including access to all our resources and Paul's "The Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources" for a combined discount of 20%. That’s a massive saving of over £65 per year for all the teaching and learning resources you will ever need for GCSE Computer Science.

Save money for your school and get all the teaching resources you'll ever need!

Craig'n'Dave membership

£179 + VAT

The Ultimate GCSE Computer Science Resources

£149 + VAT*

Total if purchased separately

£328 + VAT

Total if purchased as a bundle

£262.40 + VAT

Saving your school

£65.60 + VAT

Craig'n'Dave membership: £149 + VAT

The Ultimate Computer Science Resources: £130 + VAT

Total if purchased separately: £279 + VAT

Total if purchased as a bundle: £223.20 + VAT

Saving your school: £55.80 + VAT*

CnD-PL-bundle discount

*only applicable with annual licence, not available with one-off purchase. VAT can be reclaimed by state-maintained schools and academies.

Already have an active Craig 'n' Dave membership?

That's no problem. Renew today, and as long as you have at least 14 days left on an existing Craig 'n' Dave membership, we'll deduct the cost of the remaining time from your invoice - or if you're paying with a credit/debit card, we'll issue a pro-rata refund to your payment card.

Already have a paullong.net annual licence?

That's no problem either - you can contact Paul to arrange a pro-rata refund of the remaining time on your current Ultimate GCSE licence.

Already have both?

Renew today, and we'll both refund you the difference. How it works will depend on whether you purchase the bundle from us or through Paul Long's website, but rest assured, we'll make sure you don't end up out of pocket!

New and existing members will have the same renewal date for both products going forward.

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