Craig Sargent and David Hillyard are two experienced classroom teachers. Both with a degree in Computer Science, and over 20 years experience teaching in comprehensive secondary schools in England.  


Our aim is to help you deliver outstanding computer science lessons by creating the very best resources.

Contemporary, outstanding lessons

Using our workbooks and activities

Gone are the days where it is acceptable to go through a PowerPoint of theory from the front of the class. Using our workbooks and activities to support the videos, students are engaged and learn independently from the very first minute of the lesson.

Our YouTube channel is changing

But don’t panic, we’re just adding more content!

From September we are going to be adding more content to our YouTube channel to support teachers of computer science using our resources. Students will still have access to our flipped classroom videos, but please encourage them to use our student site instead.

We have a video to teach your students the theory for EVERY bullet point of your course specification. These aren’t generic videos, these are EXACTLY matched to the requirements of the course.


We promote a flipped classroom pedagogy where you set the video for students to watch for homework in advance of the lesson. They then come to the lesson with the required knowledge, and you can begin activities immediately without the need for chalk and talk time!



Covering every specification point of the OCR J276 GCSE computer science specification. 




Covering every specification point of the OCR H046 and H446 computer science specifications. 



Covering every specification point of the AQA 7516 and 7517 computer science specifications. 


AQA GCSE computer science.  




Premium Resources

To support our free videos, we have classroom activities and resources to help you teach every aspect of the specification, each with answers so you don’t have to be an expert!

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Check out our YouTube channel. It is packed full of over 400 videos, all ad free!

As well as videos covering course content we also have videos on teaching pedagogy, exam revision and more… 

Road map and what’s coming next

Want to know what we are working on at the moment, and what is in the pipeline? We create new resources for a range of courses every single day. Our road map is a great place to find out if there is something in the works that may be of interest. 

Our pedagogy

We have thought very deeply about how to teach computer science. Find out what we think about homework, challenge, differentiation, starters and programming. 

Computer Science in the news

Great for a starter, plenary or alternative activity, these articles provide stimulus material for some great classroom discussions.  

Revision Webinars

In the spring term, as exams approach, Craig’n’Dave can help your students with your revision.


Students can interact with us, ask questions and follow along as we tackle walking-talking mock papers at 7pm live.

Updates from Craig ‘n’ Dave

20+ hours of original walking talking webinar mocks available for purchase!

We have made all of our revision webinars for OCR GCSE & A'Level from summer 2017 available for purchase now on the shop. That's over 20 hours of original walking talking mocks, along with all 15 ORIGINAL exam papers and answer schemes included, one off cost, life time site licence, instant digital download! ...
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Another great year for students of Craig and Dave

Yet again our students have done extremely well being taught just with a flipped classroom approach and exclusively Craig’n’Dave resources.  A’s and A*’s achieved, and moderator compliments for our coursework with no amendment for the past two years with the new specification.  Just goes to prove flipped classroom not only works, it’s very successful and stress free for teachers.  Well done to all our students.  We just facilitate your learning, it’s your hard work, and you deserve the results ...
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New A* OCR A’Level Project Examplar

Hope you and your students had positive A'Level results today!  We have had another year of unaltered Unit 3 projects and so we have now been able to add another Project Exemplar to your premium download.  This one scored 68/70, it comes along with full marking comments and highlighted mark grid so you can see how the candidates work achieved the mark awarded ...
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