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Pearson Edexcel GCSE



OCR A’Level

H046 & H446


AQA A’Level

7516 & 7517


Those little extras pack

Year 7 internet safety presentation, GCSE taster lessons for KS3, transition to GCSE workbook, A level taster lessons for KS4, transition to A level workbook, careers day presentation, exam technique presentation, university interview questions and a set of whiteboard tools.

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Our popular books

Mr Bain (review on Amazon)
“It very clearly explains how the key algorithms work and provides code in Python as well as I’ve just received my copy and can’t rate it highly enough. In the past, the books were either difficult to understand, had too much in them or didn’t include VB/Python. Highly recommend!”

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Our popular books

Defold is an ideal IDE for use at A Level because it gives you a solid framework for games development but leaves you plenty of room to create your own algorithms in Lua too.
Our book exemplifies the OCR H446 mark scheme to provide students with a comprehensive guide to writing up a computer game project.

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We are working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation creating the Isaac Computing platform for the NCCE.


We are working with ClickView creating more original video content in addition to our own YouTube videos.


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