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Craig Sargent and David Hillyard are two experienced classroom teachers. Both with a degree in Computer Science, and over 30 years experience teaching in comprehensive secondary schools in England.  


Our aim is to help you deliver outstanding computer science lessons by providing resources that:

  • follow bullet point to bullet point an exam board specification
  • facilitate a teacher talks less, students do more approach to teaching

Classroom resources & activities

Hundreds of activities for students covering every bullet point of the AQA and OCR specifications for GCSE and A level Computer Science.

Tried and tested in our own classrooms, our resources enable you to deliver contemporary, outstanding lessons. Students are engaged and learn independently from the very first minute of the lesson. Both GCSE and A’level courses are included with a premium subscription.

Ideal for flipped classroom teaching with our free videos.

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Essential algorithms for A level Computer Science book

Suitable for all examination boards, this 191 page book is a comprehensive guide to all the algorithms and data structures for A level Computer Science.

Detailed explanations, pseudocode, and actual code in Python 3 and Visual Basic for every algorithm. Each one coded in the most simple way for students to understand. All coded algorithms can be downloaded. Full explanations of Big O notation and comparison summaries for each algorithm are also provided. A downloadable PDF is included with a premium subscription.

Additional supporting content online is planned for 2020.

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Smart Revise

Smart Revise

Do your students forget everything you have taught them? Smart Revise helps with this common problem.

Ideal as a course companion for either OCR or AQA GCSE Computer Science, or as a revision tool at the end of the course, our online quiz tool, Smart Revise keeps knowledge fresh in a student’s mind.

Smart Revise Quiz, our multiple choice question mode is just phase 1 of a smarter revision tool we are building. Track progress and accuracy by topic or across the whole course. Smart Revise builds personalised revision checklists for a student and allows teachers to better understand what their students know and what they need to revise. Try for free today.

Leaderboards, awards and competition currently in development with bigger plans for 2020.

Flipped classroom videos

Flipped classroom videos

A FREE video for every bullet point of the AQA and OCR specifications for GCSE and A level Computer Science.

These aren’t generic videos, these are exactly matched to the requirements of a specific course. Set the video for students to watch for homework in advance of the lesson. They then come to the lesson with the required knowledge, and you can begin activities immediately without the need for chalk and talk time! These work great with our classroom resources, or just use for consolidation and revision.

We have plans to update the videos starting in the Autumn of 2019 to improve the production quality.

Revision webinars

Walking-talking mock exam questions

In the spring term of 2018 we recorded 15 live webinars, where students could interact with us, ask questions, and follow along as we tackled walking-talking mock papers. Recordings of the sessions are available to purchase from our shop. 

Even better recordings are planned for 2020.

Revision cards

OCR GCSE revision cards

Ideal for parents who want to support their child with their revision.

Our 170 quick reference double sided vinyl cards cover every bullet point of the OCR GCSE specification for both units one and two. Key words to include when answering questions are emboldened and underlined. Students love them!

We are not printing any new batches. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. The future is Smart Revise.

Check out our YouTube channel. It is packed full of over 400 videos, all ad free!

As well as videos covering course content we also have videos on teaching pedagogy, exam revision and more… 

Want to know what we are working on at the moment, and what is in the pipeline? We create new resources for a range of courses every single day. Our road map is a great place to find out if there is something in the works that may be of interest. 

We have thought very deeply about how to teach computer science. Find out what we think about homework, challenge, differentiation, starters and programming. 


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