The Craig 'n' Dave mission

Our Why

To raise attainment and reduce workload

Our Mission


We help teachers deliver the best lessons by using research and evidenced-based, contemporary pedagogy with the high-performance learning strategy.


We help every teacher, no matter what their experience, to feel they have the confidence to deliver the best learning experience for their students.


We help students to have the opportunity to achieve their potential and enjoy learning.

Our Approach

  • Based on the work of Deborah Eyre, we believe in high-performance learning. The expectation that all students can achieve through scaffolding up.
  • Based on the work of Simon Sinkek, we start with "why". We ask ourselves, "why are we teaching in this way?" "Why do we need this feature?" always questioning, "what is our intent, our implementation, our impact and how do we know?"
  • Based on academic research, we create resources and approaches that improve student outcomes.
  • Based on our own extensive teaching experience since 1997, we identify and solve problems in the classroom that are barriers to attainment.

BETT Finalists 2022
Teach Secondary Awards 2022 Finalist
ERA 2023 Finalist
Teach Secondary Awards winner 2023
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Registered in England and Wales: 10442992

VAT Number: 290 9845 58

Telephone: 020 4519 3010