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AQA A Level Computing Schemes of Learning & Calendars

One of the hardest parts of getting to grips with an A Level from a teachers point of view is how to break down the specification into a delivery guide.

We have taken the hard work out for you and produced a series of delivery guides for you to use with our resources:

  • Long term (term by term) SoL
  • Short term (lesson by lesson) SoL
  • Accompanying excel delivery calendars

The SoL references:

  • Topics
  • Learning outcomes
  • Key questions
  • Activities
  • Key terms
  • Homework video links

Every school delivery model is a little different, so we have provided several versions for you, pick the one which matches your model most closely and hopefully you won’t have to adapt it much!

VERSION 1: AS-Level Only

These files are for a school who is delivering just the AS version of the course over a single year.

VERSION 2: AS and A-Level

These files are for a school who is delivering the AS content in year 12 with the intention of sitting the exam and then the additional content to make up the full A’Level in year 13.

 VERSION 3: Linear A-Level

These files are for a school who is delivering the full 2-year A’Level course in a Linear fashion (it still provides opportunities for mocks however in the first year).

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