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AQA A level (7517) SLR 23 – Databases

This download provides you with a zip file which contains all the resources you will need to deliver this topic.

It includes:

  • Student Learning Record (A3 version in word)
  • Student Learning Record (PDF version)
  • Student Learning Record (PowerPoint version)
  • Set of student activities and workshops with answers
  • Answers to the exam questions from the back of the SLR
  • Teacher Marking Checklist

This topic covers:


  • 4.10.1 Conceptual data models and entity relationship modelling
  • 4.10.2 Relational databases
  • 4.10.3 Database design and normalisation techniques
  • 4.10.4 Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • 4.10.5 Client server databases

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