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OCR GCSE (J277) SLR 1.1 Systems Architecture

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  • End of Topic test and answers
  • Lesson PowerPoint’s for every lesson
  • Any associated answers or references sheets for class activities

This topic covers:

1.1.1 Architecture of the CPU

  • The purpose of the CPU:
  • The fetch-execute cycle
  • Common CPU components and their function:ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit)
  • Registers
  • Cache
  • CU (Control Unit)
  • Von Neumann architecture:
  • MAR (Memory Address Register)
  • MDR (Memory Data Register)
  • Program Counter
  • Accumulator

1.1.2 CPU performance

  • How common characteristics of CPUs affect their performance:
  • Clock speed
  • Cache size
  • Number of cores

1.1.3 Embedded systems

  • The purpose and characteristics of embedded systems
  • Examples of embedded systems


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