AQA GCSE (8525) SLR 11 – Boolean logic

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This topic covers:

3.4.2 Boolean logic

  • Construct truth tables for the following logic gates:
  • NOT
  • AND
  • OR
  • XOR
  • Construct truth tables for simple logic circuits using combinations of NOT, AND, OR and XOR gates.
  • Interpret the results of simple truth tables.
  • Create, modify and interpret simple logic circuit diagrams.
  • Students will only need to use NOT, AND, OR and XOR gates within logic circuits.
  • Students will be expected to understand and use logic circuit symbols.
  • Create and interpret simple Bodean expressions made up of NOT, AND, OR and XOR operations.
  • Create the Bodean expression for a simple logic circuit.
  • Create a logic circuit from a simple Bodean expression.

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