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Pearson Edexcel GCSE (1CP2) SLR 09 Topic 1 – Robust and secure programming

This download provides you with a zip file which contains all the resources you will need to deliver this topic.

It includes:

  • Student Learning Record Workbook (for use by students)
  • Student Learning Record Answers (for use by teachers)
  • End of Topic test and answers
  • Lesson PowerPoint’s for every lesson
  • Any associated answers or references sheets for class activities

These resources provide workbook activities for this topic, primarily for revision of programming principles that will have already been taught throughout the course. Use our comprehensive TIME 2 CODE resources for a programming course.

This topic covers:

1.2 Algorithms

  • 1.2.5 understand types of errors that can occur in programs (syntax, logic, runtime) and be able to identify and correct logic errors in algorithms.

3.2 Software

  • 3.2.3 understand the importance of developing robust software and methods of identifying vulnerabilities (audit trails, code reviews).

6.1 Develop code

  • 6.1.4 be able to use techniques (layout, indentation, comments, meaningful identifiers, white space) to make programs easier to read, understand and maintain.

6.4 Input/output

  • 6.4.3 understand the need for and be able to write programs that implement validation (length check, presence check, range check, pattern check).
  • 6.4.4 understand the need for and be able to write programs that implement authentication (ID and password, lookup).



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