Essential algorithms and data structures

Second edition coming soon…

The aim of this book is to provide students and teachers of GCSE, AS & A level Computer Science a comprehensive guide to the algorithms and data structures students need to understand for examinations. Each chapter examines a data structure or algorithm explaining how it works, real-world applications, a step-by-step example, pseudocode, actual code in two languages and a description of the space and time complexity.

We have chosen to provide coded solutions in Python 3 because it is the most popular language taught at GCSE, in Visual Basic Console (2015 onwards) because it is a language that most closely resembles the pseudocode and coded examples students will need to work with in examinations and in C# as it is an industry standard leading language.

This book is appropriate for all English and Welsh Computer Science specifications, check out our up-to-date mapping document for details.

Select the appropriate tile below for additional videos and resources relating to each algorithm.

Fully coded algorithms in Python available now. VB & C# coming soon

Generic help designing and writing algorithms

Data structures

Searching algorithms

Sorting algorithms

Optimisation algorithms

Algorithm efficiency

What extra is in the book?

Each algorithm / data structure has its own dedicated chapter in the book, which includes:

  1. Overview
  2. Typical applications / uses
  3. Typical operations
  4. The algorithm written out in simple-structured English
  5. The algorithm written out in pseudocode
  6. Full code listing in Python
  7. Additional code listings in Visual Basic and C# are also available to download
  8. Diagrammatic walk-through
  9. Efficiency discussion with reference to Big-O notation