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Essential algorithms and Data structures (second edition) book

Our 232-page book provides a comprehensive in-depth guide to all the algorithms and data structures that students need to understand for GCSE and A level examinations.

Suitable for all exam boards and courses. this PDF is available to download for Craig'n'Dave members or in paperback from Amazon.

Each chapter includes:

  • A data structure or algorithm, explaining how it works.
  • Real-world applications of the algorithm.
  • A step-by-step example.
  • Pseudocode.
  • Python code examples.
  • A description of the space and time complexity.

Many of the algorithms have been written and exemplified in serveral ways, for example iterative and recursive approaches, array and object implementations.

Source code for all the program is available to download in Python, C# and Visual Basic:

  1. A*
  2. Binary search
  3. Binary tree with an array
  4. Binary tree with objects
  5. Bubble sort
  6. Dictionary
  7. Dijkstra’s shortest path
  8. Graph – breadth first traversal
  9. Graph – depth first traversal (iterative)
  10. Graph – depth first search traversal (recursive)
  11. Hash table search
  12. Insertion sort
  13. Linear search
  14. Linked list with an array
  15. Linked list with objects
  16. Merge sort (iterative)
  17. Merge sort (recursive method 1)
  18. Merge sort (recursive method 2)
  19. Queue (circular) with an array
  20. Quicksort (Hoare method)
  21. Quicksort (Lomuto method)
  22. Quicksort (Variant method)
  23. Stack with an array
  24. Stack with objects

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