NEW for 2022: Second edition

Essential algorithms and data structures (Second edition)

The aim of this book is to provide students and teachers of AS & A level Computer Science with a comprehensive guide to the algorithms and data structures students need to understand for examinations.  Each chapter presents:

  • a data structure or algorithm, explaining how it works
  • real-world applications of the algorithm
  • a step-by-step example
  • pseudocode
  • actual code in Python
  • Fully coded solutions to download in Python 3, Visual Basic and C#.
  • a description of the space and time complexity.

We have chosen to provide coded solutions in Python 3 because it is the most popular language taught at GCSE, Visual Basic Console (2015 onwards) because it is a language that most closely resembles the pseudocode and coded examples students will need to work with in examinations, and in C# as it is a highly recognised industry standard language.

This book is also available as a printed copy from amazon:

Full coded solutions and additional support material can be found for FREE here:

This book is appropriate for all English and Welsh Computer Science specifications.

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