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Programming project guides

Our PDF programming project guides support students and teachers producing the documentation for the A level non-examined assessment (NEA). There are two versions of our guide books:

  • Documenting Defold programming projects OCR H446 (63 pages) - ideal for all video-game based projects including Pygame, Unity etc.
  • Documenting programming projects OCR H446 (58 pages) - ideal for all other types of projects.

As the mark scheme is written to cover a diverse range of projects students often find it difficult to understand how the mark scheme can be applied to their work. For example, what does "amenable to a computational approach" mean for a video game? These guides show students how they should approach their writing to ensure they can achieve the highest mark.

Our own students have been using our guides since 2015 and have always achieved highly with very positive comments from moderators. No mark has ever been adjusted by following our comprehensive guide.

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