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Knowledge videos

Each video has a pin-sharp focus on the precise detail students need to know for exams.

Lesson Hacker videos

David Morgan presents current affairs in Computer Science that link to the specification with fertile questions in the video description that you can use to stimulate class discussions.

Unscripted videos

Every month we present all the latest Craig'n'Dave news with pedagogical discussions, and sometimes guest speakers too.

Product highlight videos

We showcase features of our products:

  • Smart Revise
  • Knowledge videos
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About our knowledge videos

We don't produce generic computer science content. Instead each video is carefully crafted to meet the exact requirements of a specification, including the subtle differences between them.

  • AQA A level videos: 184 videos
  • AQA GCSE: 89 videos
  • Cambridge IGCSE: 108 videos
  • Pearson Edexcel GCSE: 87 videos
  • OCR A level: 162 videos
  • OCR GCSE: 88 videos

Each video is usually limited to about 12 minutes. Just enough time to cover the detail required without being too boring. Being able to pause, rewind and watch again makes video is a fantastic way for students to learn, even if they miss a lesson.

We are frequently asked if our videos contain enough content at the right pitch to prepare students to achieve the highest grades without the use of additional resources such as textbooks. They certainly are. Each year we achieved consistently high results using only our resources. Students write to us each year telling us they achieved the highest grade just from watching and revising the content in our videos.

Our videos are also ideal for teachers who are less confident than they would like to be in delivering the content of the course. It's excellent CPD!

Static links

We do update the videos from time-to-time to maintain the right focus for students as we learn more from past-papers. Unfortunately this breaks the links to the videos on YouTube. To ensure you have a static link to the very latest video, we suggest linking to pages on our static links site instead of directly to YouTube.

Flipped classroom

Craig and Dave advocate using a flipped classroom pedagogy. Set a video to watch ahead of the lesson, where students write Cornell notes for homework in an exercise book. Students bring their exercise book to the lesson, and use it to help them complete their classwork. This means they come to the lesson with the knowledge you were going to teach them, accelerating the pace of the lesson and covering more content in a shorter amount of time.

A teacher has a lot more time to go over difficult concepts, ask questions, spend time with individuals or small groups. Students will be more independent too, starting the lesson with the same base knowledge, if not in their heads, in their books. That enables activities to begin immediately without the need for boring "chalk and talk" time. Of course not all students will do their homework. In that case they watch the video in the lesson instead.

We've been trialling the flipped-learning approach and students have really engaged well with it.

Dave Bowen

The flipped classroom has been on my list for a very long time but I completely lacked the resources to do it. You guys have quite literally revolutionised my teaching.

Ian Ramsden

Scaffolded note-taking

At GCSE we recommend students pause the video when they see the take-notes icon shown below, and jot down what is written or drawn on the screen in an exercise book.

take-notes icon

At A level this scaffolding has been removed, but the videos still contain essential notes, the students just need to spot these for themselves. We supply Cornell notebooks at cost-price to support our videos.

Supporting activities

Our classroom resources are available to download for Craig 'n' Dave members. They include workbooks and micro-activities that are matched to the video content, allowing students to make progress without too much direction from their teacher.


You are welcome to share links to our videos on your private and public websites. All we ask is that you respect our copyright by not ripping the videos and hosting them on your own servers. For schools that do not have access to YouTube, our videos are available to purchase, download and store on a local server. We'd rather you didn't do that because we lose the YouTube analytics data and recommendations, which is why we charge for this option.

No advertisements

Our knowledge videos have no monetisation. We provide it as a free service to students and teachers without unnecessary distractions.

Craig narrates the flipped classroom videos, and Dave narrates the programming videos in our TIME 2 CODE resources.

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