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The Ministry of Silly Algorithms is a light-hearted nod to creating purposeful, maintainable and efficient code by creating algorithms that serve no useful purpose, are poorly written and are certainly not efficient!

Join our Ministry of Silly Algorithms today by submitting a short algorithm of your choice to us at with the chance to win an exclusive mug not available for purchase from our online shop. Winners are also added to our scroll of honour!

All you have to do is write a short program in Python – it must be Python, and send the .py file to us. Remember it must be silly and we don't want to see any sensible variable names or functions! If a while loop would make the code more efficient, then why not try a for loop instead!

Every few months we will pick out an algorithm or two that has impressed us and feature it on a Craig 'n' Dave "unscripted" video on YouTube. If your algorithm is mentioned we'll drop you an email to ask for your address and send you the mug!

The scroll of honour:

Kirsty Clarke –

A tool for checking what hardware items are in stock at my local store. It also compares them to your shopping list. Hopefully you’ll get what you need, but probably not!

Nick Lilleker –

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