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Introductory Guide to Functional Programming

This guide supports the learning and specification points listed under:

  • SLR25: Functional programming paradigms
  • SLR26: Writing functional programs

If you are studying AQA A’Level Computer Science then your students will be required to prove that they have had some experience in writing simple functional programs under exam conditions.

We recommend using “Haskell” as it is free, simple to use and most of the text books available cover its use.  See the resource titled “00. README.pptx” (in the download below) for instructions on where to download it, how to install it and get started.

To get some experience with the basics of Haskell students should work through this guide.

Students should probably spend a couple of double lessons working through this to get the basics.

If Haskell can’t be installed on your school network it should be set as homework as it is relatively simple for students to download and install this themselves.

You and your students can download and install it for free from:

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