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C# TIME v1
The C# version of our programming tutorials.
Essential algorithms and data structures book
Essential algorithms and Data structures (second edition) book

Our 232-page book provides a comprehensive in-depth guide to all the algorithms and data structures that students need to understand for GCSE and A level examinations.

Made with Defold
Games programming tutorials using Lua with the Defold IDE
Defold is an IDE for the Lua programming language and is ideal for learning how to make computer games with a platform that is used to produce commercial games. The resources are presented as a self-contained website that you can download, unzip and copy to a shared Windows folder for students to access.
Introduction to Functional programming
This guide supports the teaching of functional programming paradigms and writing functional programs.
Python TIME 2 CODE
TIME 2 CODE is our full Python tutorials suitable for all exam boards and levels of study.
Python TIME solutions
Solutions to all the programs in our Python TIME 2 CODE programming resources in one download.
Telium – A text-based adventure game in Python
Suitable for students who have completed levels 1-9 of TIME 2 CODE, this substantial nine-stage Python project reinforces all the GCSE programming principles in a large-scale project.

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