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OCR A level (H046-H446) SLR 02 – Types of Processor

This download provides you with a zip file which contains all the resources you will need to deliver this topic.

It includes:

  • Student Learning Record (A3 version in word)
  • Student Learning Record (PDF version)
  • Student Learning Record (Exemplars)
  • Set of student activities and workshops with answers
  • Answers to the exam questions from the back of the SLR
  • Teacher Marking Checklist
  • Year 13 AS recap lesson

This topic covers:


  • 1.1.2 a-b Types of processor


  • 1.2 a-c Types of processor

Specific knowledge required for AS and A Level:

  • Candidates need to understand the differences between the CISC and RISC processors and the key features and benefits of each.
  • Candidates should be aware of the relative benefits of each architecture.
  • Candidates need to understand what is meant by a parallel system and the benefits and limitations of parallel processing.
  • Candidates need to understand that parallel processing can be achieved through different (i.e. multiple processors in the same computer or distributed or multiple cores in a CPU or GPU).
  • Candidates need to understand the benefits of a multicore system in terms of parallel processing and running multiple programs at the same time.

Specific knowledge required for A Level ONLY:

  • Candidates need to understand the purpose of GPUs and what applications they are used for (candidates need to understand how GPUs are used to aid graphics, but also other applications for example their use in modeling, data mining, etc.).
  • Candidates should understand the benefits and using GPUs and why they are suited to certain tasks (specialist instructions, multiple cores and SIMD processing).

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