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Games programming tutorials using Lua with the Defold IDE
Defold is an IDE for the Lua programming language and is ideal for learning how to make computer games with a platform that is used to produce commercial games. The resources are presented as a self-contained website that you can download, unzip and copy to a shared Windows folder for students to access.
OCR A level (H446) Programming project initial ideas
The first chapter from our popular "Documenting programming projects" book. This chapter helps students to decide on some initial ideas.
OCR A level (H446/03) – Programming project advice PDF books
The authoritative, comprehensive guide to writing up an OCR A level programming project. These books have a proven track record of students attaining the highest grade and very positive comments from moderators. All the latest guidance from examiner reports is also included with examples.
OCR A level (H446/03) Programming project exemplars
A zip file with three exemplar projects with marks between 61/70 and 68/70.

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