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Craig ‘n’ Dave is best known for our ad-free, sponsor free videos on YouTube. With over 14 million views, in addition to lively pedagogical discussions, we have created a video for every bullet point of each Computer Science specification we support. Every video has a pin-sharp focus on the precise detail students need to know for exams. Our videos are not generic content covering many courses in a single video. Instead, we provide different videos for each course to capture the subtle differences.

Our GCSE & A Level course companion

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Smart Revise is an online course companion for GCSE/A Level Computer Science and GCSE Business. Built on educational research and best practice, Smart Revise is proven to raise attainment by redefining revision as a continual practice throughout a course and not just at the end.

Hundreds of original multiple-choice and longer answer examination questions crafted by trusted, experienced teachers and examiners. Personalised, diagnostic, spaced, interleaved and exactly matched to the requirements of each course specification.

BETT Finalists 2022

Bett Awards 2022 – Best Secondary Digital Learning Product Finalist

Teach Secondary Awards 2022 Finalist

Teach Secondary Awards 2022 – Curriculum Improvement Finalist

ERA 2023 Finalist

Education Resource Awards 2023 – Secondary Resource Finalist

It’s made a huge difference for my students since we started using it.

Catherine Lewis, Teacher

Our Craig ‘n’ Dave membership for schools

Craig ‘n’ Dave member schools have access to download all our premium classroom resources to support our videos and more. Everything a teacher needs to deliver computer science lessons with confidence at GCSE and A Level. Suitable for non-specialist teachers too!



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H046 & H446



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7516 & 7517

Pearson Edexcel GCSE


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Save money with a Craig ‘n’ Dave and Paul Long Ultimate GCSE Computer Science bundle

Buy or renew your Craig ‘n’ Dave membership today and include Paul Long’s “Ultimate GCSE Resources” saving £65.60.

Your premium resources have been the best value of anything I have ever purchased.

Thank you for producing the outstanding resources that you do; they have rapidly become my primary source of independent learning and have helped me to vastly increase my understanding of computer science.

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Teaching with intent and impact

Craig ‘n’ Dave don’t just provide resources, we provide a methodology for your teaching based on the high performance learning strategy. Our approach to teaching has a proven impact raising attainment, increasing student independence, improving critical thinking, challenge and personalisation. All whilst saving teachers time and improving work/life balance. With Craig’n’Dave resources you can deliver contemporary, outstanding lessons that provide everything students, Ofsted and senior leaders are looking for with no planning.

Our free resources

In addition to our videos, we also have many other resources you can download for free too.

Our popular books

I’ve just received my copy and can’t rate it highly enough. In the past, the books were either difficult to understand, had too much in them or didn’t include VB/Python. Highly recommend!

A PDF copy of both books to share with students is included with a Craig ‘n’ Dave membership.

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BETT Finalists 2022
Teach Secondary Awards 2022 Finalist
ERA 2023 Finalist