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Big O notation cheat sheet
A handy reference of the Big O notation for all the algorithms.
Guide to exam technique
This document provides students with advice about how to tackle exam questions.
Logic gate symbols
A set of vector logic gate symbols in Windows meta-file format for inserting directly into your documents. Use to create logic circuits.
OCR A level (H046-H446) All 26 blank Structured Learning Record (SLR) templates
All the structured learning record templates in one download.
OCR A level (H046-H446) Boolean algebra cheat sheet
A concise description and explanation of the Boolean algebra notation and laws.
OCR A level (H046-H446) Computational thinking cheat sheet

A handy reference to the aspects of computational thinking and computational methods.

OCR A level (H046-H446) Computational thinking excercises

This resource is a collection of exercises which you can use with your students in a variety of ways.

OCR A level (H046-H446) Key terminology
We identified 243 key terms in the specification and provide these in Word and PowerPoint format. All terms have been grouped into 26 logical topics which map to our 26 Structured Learning Records (SLRs).
OCR A level (H046-H446) Pseudocode cheat sheet
This cheat sheet provides a handy reference for writing algorithms using pseudocode for OCR (H046-H446) specifications.
OCR A level (H046-H446) Revision checklist
This is a handy revision checklist lists topic by topic the body of knowledge required for the specification in preparation for examinations.
OCR A level (H046-H446) Structured Learning Record (SLR) exemplars
A zip file with examples of completed structured learning records for SLR 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16 & 18.
Those little extras pack
A handy zip file containing lots of additional resources that teachers need: transition work, taster lessons etc.

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