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Learning Computer Science at home

Supporting parents

Now that schools are closed, many parents are looking to provide learning activities at home that don’t require them to be experts in the subject, but also continue to adequately prepare their child for going back to school and future examinations. Craig’n’Dave have some free resources that will help.

  • GCSE / A level Computer Science
GCSE / A level Computer Science

Having a great set of notes will really help when it comes to revising for exams in 2021 or preparing for A level Computer Science.

What you will need

Access to YouTube.
An exercise book, sheets of paper (lined is best, but plain is fine) or a word processing program.
A pen.

Step 1

On your paper, divide the page into five sections like this:

Step 2

Choose a video to watch from our YouTube channel that is suitable for the course you are sudying:

Add the title and topic to your paper.

With the GCSE videos, when you see the “take notes” icon on the screen, pause the video and copy the notes into the notes section on your paper.

Take notes icon

At A level you need to decide what to note.

Step 3

Look back at the notes you have made and turn them into a set of questions for the left panel on your paper.


“The program counter is a register in the CPU that holds the address of the next instruction.”

Might become:

“What is the purpose of the program counter?”

Look back through the notes and pull out the computer science keywords. Find a definition of the term and include a simplified version on your paper.

What course is my child studying?

Double check with your child’s school which examination board they are following. We support:

Year 13 – OCR H446 (A level) / H046 (AS level) or AQA 7516/7517

Year 12 – OCR H446 (A level) / H046 (AS level) or AQA 7516/7517

Year 11 – OCR J276 or AQA 8520

Year 10 – OCR J276 or AQA 8520

Year 09 – OCR J277 or AQA 8525

Unlimited access

Only £6

per month

Course and volume discounts are only available to schools.

The best way to retain essential knowledge for GCSE and A level

Away from their classroom, essential knowledge of Computer Science will gradually be forgotten over time. This is known as the “forgetting curve” and it’s a real challenge for students in years 10 and 12 who will need to be ready for examinations in 2021.

Smart Revise is an online multiple choice quizzing tool with hundreds of questions covering all the topics for the specification your child is studying. It is the only quizzing tool written by teachers of computer science with over 30 years experience and background in the subject with a pin-sharp focus on what students actually need to know. You can even sign up for a free trial first.

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