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H046 & H446

Sample Exam Questions

Your resources have been the best value products I have ever purchased in 10 years as a teacher of IT!

Each of our student learning records concludes with sample examination questions for that topic. These are not past-paper questions because you may want to use those for mock exams or revision in class. Instead they are new questions set to the same standard as real examination questions.


Since the same student learning record is used for both AS and A level, questions that are only relevant to the full A level are shown in red text. If your schools follows an AS in year 12, A in year 13 model you can easily instruct students which questions they should tackle in year 12 and then complete the question page in year 13 when you revisit the topic.

Also included in a Premium Subscription
196 page Essential Algorithms for Computer Science PDF
Student workbooks (1 for each topic) - GCSE ONLY
Student workbook model answers (ideal as revision guides) - GCSE ONLY
Structured Learning Records (1 for each topic) - A'LEVEL ONLY
Teacher Marking Checklists (1 for each topic) - A'LEVEL ONLY
Activities and Workshops (multiple for each topic) - A'LEVEL ONLY
Additional Activities and Worksheets - GCSE ONLY
End of topic tests (with answers)
Delivery plans / calendars
Lesson Structure PowerPoints for every topic - GCSE ONLY
Pseudo-code cheat sheet
Visual Basic Programming Guide
Python Programming Guide
Student Programming Progress Check list
Defold Programming Workshops
(Ideal for advanced programming and those moving onto A’Level)
Computational Thinking cheat sheet
Computational Thinking exercises
A set of scalable vector based logic gate symbols
Key definitions database

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