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Your resources are amazing, what a bargain! You guys have saved me hours (so my family probably thanks you too!)

Included in the Premium Resources

with a Craig’n’Dave membership

With Craig’n’Dave you have all the paperwork you need! Our delivery calendar gives you an overview of the course across two years. Our scheme of learning breaks that down to individual lessons across terms. Our individual lesson plans show you what to teach and what activities to deliver.


Our 32-page scheme of learning covering the whole course shows you:

  • What topics to cover in each term.
  • How these are assessed.
  • The focus of each lesson.
  • The learning objectives for each lesson.
  • Key question for the lesson.
  • An outline of the starter activity.
  • Which pages of the workbook to cover.
  • What homework to set.
  • The key terms for the unit.

You don’t really need the scheme of learning! Use our delivery calendar to judge how much time you have for each topic and our lesson plans to deliver the lesson.

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