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“Telium” – A Text-based adventure game (v2 T.I.M.E.)

This resource can be used in many ways.  If you are following our delivery plan, we have set aside a dedicated block of lessons in the final term of year 10 for your students to attempt this.  By this point students should have a fair amount of experience in programming and this is a nice exercise to bring together all the concepts they have learnt into an extended exercise.

Alternatively, you could provide this to the more motivated students throughout year 10 who will often finish theory activities and our other programming challenges more quickly, this project gives them something interesting to learn from at their own pace.

Students should be given the code for each stage either in hardcopy or by the copy-paste protected PDF supplied.  Do not share the editable Word version with them.  This will ensure students have no option but to manually type the code into the Python IDE and not simply copy and paste.  Although this may seem tedious, it provides an opportunity for students to really study the code, digest it as they enter it, and correct syntax errors that will inevitably occur when they do this.  These are valuable learning experiences and it is advisable not to skip them to get to a working program quickly.  Students learn less from simple copy and paste activities.  Once the code has been entered the program will run and the game can be played to that stage.

If you wish to alter or remove some of the PDF protections the password is “teliumcnd2022”.

Registered in England and Wales: 10442992

VAT Number: 290 9845 58

Telephone: 020 4519 3010


BETT Finalists 2022
Teach Secondary Awards 2022 Finalist
ERA 2023 Finalist