Essential algorithms and data structures

Searching algorithms

Routines that find data within a data structure.

What is a hash table search?

The goal with a hash table is to immediately find an item in a sorted or unsorted list without the need to compare other items in the data set.  It is how programming languages implement a dictionary data structure.  A hashing function is used to calculate the position of an item in a hash table.

Hash table videos

What extra is in the 200 page book?

Each algorithm / data structure has its own dedicated chapter in the book, which includes:

  1. An overview of the algorithm or data structure
  2. Typical applications and uses
  3. Typical operations with each data structures
  4. The algorithm written in simple structured English
  5. The algorithm written in pseudocode
  6. Full code listing in Python
  7. Source code in Python, Visual Basic and C# are also available to download
  8. Walk-through of the algorithm
  9. Efficiency discussion with reference to Big-O notation

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