Essential algorithms and data structures

Data structures

A feature of imperative programming languages, these abstractions of memory allow for the creation of higher order data structures.

What is a record?

A record, sometimes called a structure or compound data is a collection of related items – often of different data types – called fields. A record is like an object with attributes, although records do not require the object-oriented paradigm and do not have methods. Records are often thought of as special cases of objects, referred to as plain old data structures or PODs.

It is useful to define a fixed maximum size of each field in bytes when using string fields in records in order to minimise data storage requirements and speed up searches.

Record videos

What extra is in the book?

Each algorithm / data structure has its own dedicated chapter in the book, which includes:

  1. Overview
  2. Typical applications / uses
  3. Typical operations
  4. The algorithm written out in simple-structured English
  5. The algorithm written out in pseudocode
  6. Full code listing in Python
  7. Additional code listings in Visual Basic and C# are also available to download
  8. Diagrammatic walk-through
  9. Efficiency discussion with reference to Big-O notation

A hard copy of the book is available on our shop and a free PDF copy is included for all premium subscribers.

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