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  2. OCR GCSE J277

All your planning, done.

Theory Videos

Complete set of FREE videos on our YouTube channel for every single bullet point of the specification.

Starter Activities

Every lesson comes with a starter activity to engage students on entry and get them thinking while you wait for everyone to arrive.

End Of Topic Tests

Every topic comes with its own end of topic test with exam style questions. Full answers and marking guidance are provided.

Student Workbooks

Detailed workbooks for students to tackle at their own pace. Model answers are provided and make for excellent knowledge organisers!

Unit 2 Revision Unit

Dedicated topic to help students get to grips with answering computational thinking and programming questions in the exam.

Terminology Guide

Complete terminology definition guide for every technical term related to the specification. Useful for quick low stakes testing and revision.

Programming with T.I.M.E.

118+ programming tasks spread across 10 workbooks. Full solutions provided, following our revolutionary T.I.M.E. approach.

Lesson Plans

PowerPoints for use with each lesson, including integrated starters, objectives, key questions, homework and activities.

Scheme of Learning

Detailed term-by-term and lesson-by-lesson scheme of learning, including topics, objectives, key questions, activities, key terms, homework.

Text Adventure Game v2

Extended computer programming workshop spread across 8 stages to help consolidate all the fundamental skills of coding.

Delivery Calendar

Lesson by lesson Excel delivery calendar to complement our scheme of learning. Provides an ‘at a glance’ view of the entire course.

Lesson Theory Presentations

Theory based Power Points for delivery from the front of the class for every single specification point of the course.

Extra Curricular

A set of website workshop teaching students how to create 2D computer games in Defold. Great for gifted and talented and extra curricular clubs.

An excellent introduction for those wanting to progress on to A’Level. 

Essential Algorithms for Computer Science

Get a FREE PDF copy of our 181-page book available on Amazon. Covers every algorithm and data structure required in detail.

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